Wedding Invitation — Ideas for Unique Brides

What makes an invitation special? The meaning, message, or maybe the price? Whatever it is that makes you feel like you have found the one this small finally printed slice piece of paper has many meanings and sends a different message to whoever receives it.

  • It can be the confirmation to a long desired wish
  • The chance for family and friends to see you realize your happiness
  • Or the official announcement to your impending union
  • A means for family to unite and celebrate the people you have become
  • A chance to see old friends who have drifted apart
  • Maybe a day of celebration and festivities which comes too seldom

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As Unique As You

A wedding invitation is a special chance for you to show those people closest to you who you are. Just like the wedding is a chance for you to celebrate your way that silly little piece of paper has more meanings that we can count.

Are you a country girl looking to celebrate the area you live? Or are you a city girl looking to experience the rustic way of life you have always admired? These are just two ways to look at the same theme. But there are many more. And no matter which way we look at it there will always be ten more. And they will be just as special as the person planning them.

Don't believe us? Then go ahead and try to categorize these designs to just a handful of people. There is a good chance that even with only a single invitation on that page you could spend the entire day thinking of the different people who would want to choose it for their wedding. And their reasons will almost certainly be as individual as they are.

As a Symbol

When we plan something as intimate as a wedding we are exposing little pieces of who we are to the guests attending. Our choice in food, music and other forms of entertainment during the reception give a clear indication of who we have become. This may come as a surprise to you, it may seem completely natural as you sit down and begin filling page after page with thoughts, ideas, and plans you have for the wedding. The thought may never have occurred to you that what you are doing to crafting, not only the big day you wanted, but an image of yourself. It is almost like an entry from your diary which is experienced by the people involved in making it go smoothly.

What type of person will your wedding day symbolize?

  1. The relaxed and informal girl you've always been?
  2. The bride who has went to great lengths to have an elegant and traditional ceremony and reception?
  3. Somebody who is interested in celebrating big?

This list could easily go on and on without any end in sight. But there would be no purpose in doing so. Because no matter how many people we might be able to identify, there would be many more who are getting married right now which are missing from the list.

Examples of who we are

Do any of the examples in this gallery match who you are? Or maybe those found on wedding paper divas.

The wedding invitation in both of these galleries are an excellent example of what is currently popular as far as wedding stationary goes.

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What Invitations Do…

Isn't the same thing announcements do.

We have already given many great examples of what an invitation does. But what if there was no wedding in the traditional sense? What if you eloped, were out of the country, or certain close relatives were not able to attend.

That is where the announcement comes in. And while many people use them as a synonym for the actually invitation to the wedding they are different. Here is what they do.

They tell the world that you will be tying the knot. Maybe it will be a surprise, or a long desired delivery in the mail. But what if your beloved aunts, grandmothers, or other close friends could not make it? Or were for some other reason missed out on the good news? This is when you will send an announcement to them.

So that's what it is for…

If sure is. They give you an elegant and official way to spread the news that you got married. And they are more fitting than a phone call or, heaven forbid, an email declaring you got hitched. Could you imagine informing a loved one otherwise?

It can be a difficult burden to bare when a loved one can't attend. Maybe they had other obligations that couldn't be changed. Something happened in the last minute, or they were financially stressed at the time. Then this is the time to send an announcement. Sure maybe you have already sent them an invitation. But an announcement gives them that consolation that, though they may have missed the wedding, you cared enough to include them in one of your life's most important milestones.

While it is similar to the invitation they fulfill two different functions. One request the person's presence for the wedding while the other informs them when it has taken place. Both present an important keepsake for our loved ones. And these are the people who are certain to cherish the sentiment.

When it comes to phrasing them, there isn't much you need to know. Our page on wording has some formal examples which, you may choose to consult. Just remember to match whatever style you choose when wording your wedding invitation. If you were formal, stay formal. On the other hand if you chose to be relaxed continue that here as well. Both options will show who you are, and the most important thing is that you maintain that here as well.

As you search through the different options make sure that you match the styles, colors, and feel of your wedding. An announcement acts as a proxy to your big day. It conveys the feeling and the sentiment which is hard to do in other ways. The reason for this is because it is the final piece of your wedding. After this the celebration with family and friends is over. By now you have sent out the thank you cards, everyone has returned to their lives and you are now enjoying your married life.

So, when choosing and styling your announcement:

  1. Use it as a way to acknowledge those who were unable to attend
  2. Stay with the format you used for your wedding invitations
  3. Use this as the closing act to the sometimes crazy experience of getting married
    • Wedding123 has an excellent series of articles covering many of the different aspects of planning, which you may find useful if you are having trouble navigating the often chaotic world of planner.
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Additional Resources

No matter what stage of planning you are currently in there is always a need for more information. More resources on how to go forward, or what to expect from the unexpected. Here are a few places for you to get started.

  1. Expenses
    • A wedding can run into the tens of thousands, some even exceeding forty thousand. Here is a list with some basic break down of who traditionally covered the different aspects of a wedding.
  2. DIY Fun
    • There are ways to get around certain costs associated with getting married. One way to do this is to do more things yourself. One type of DIY can be had when you create your own printable stationary.

More Fun Reads

While it may seem like planning your wedding has become something other than fun, edging toward the direction of work, rest assured that even if it does become work there will always be things that embrace the fun aspects of this point in your life.

  • Selecting Music
    • Arranging the music you want can be an excellent chance for you to relax.
    • It has been proven that music has the potential to relax us and help reduce stress and here is an excellent place to help you do both.
    • The Wedding Wire has put together a collection of different songs for the various segments of a ceremony and reception.
  • Fun Decorations
    • Martha has long been known for here style, and here is an amazing collection of various decor options and ideas that show it perfectly.
  • Upscale Invitations
    • If you thought about spending a little more per card, or want to go for the whole set you may consider getting a professional designer to handle this for you. Etsy has a good selection of these which may suit your tastes.